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Tombola Theatre

I designed a logo for Tombola Theatre, a new company based in Norwich that makes work in the East, about the East. This is done through the medium of outside performances and on the back of a flatbed lorry, which ultimately influenced the logo's shape.

Inspired by walks in the Norfolk countryside, Chloe France, the founder and artistic director of Tombola told me: “I wanted the way I felt when I was outside in those places to be the way I made audiences feel watching my work. This might mean theatre that; filters out the unnecessary, harbours you, surrounds you, invites you round the next bend and into the unknown, puts mud between your toes, leaves a trail, hunkers down into the wind and crosses the horizon”.

Logo design for branding project, Tombola Theatre Norwich, Norfolk. Logo is white on an image background - the image is of a bench with a string of lights on a summer evening with bushes behind

"It was brilliant working with Lily on a design for my theatre company’s logo. She’s a thoughtful, innovative designer and really listened to what I was after. The logo sums up the company’s identity."

Chloe France, Tombola Theatre

Modern business card and logo design for Norfolk theatre company, Tombola, designed by  Norwich graphic designer, Lily Arundell.Image moodboard for branding project, Tombola Theatre Norwich, Norfolk. The mood board includes a church, ruins, outside lighting in garden and a flat bed lorry

Brand colour palette.

Tombola's iconic brand colour is inspired by a purple Windsor & Newton gouache paint Chloe saw in a shop!

Branding and logo sketching ideas on a piece of paper with pen besideBranding colour reference - Winsor & Newton purple gouache paint
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